Technology Application

Please read and complete each step of the SPEF “Technology” Grant Proposal Application and complete the application to the best of your ability. If you have any questions, please reach out to SPEF and we can answer your question(s).

SPEF Does Not Fund the Following:

*Staff positions

*Department, district, state or federal required/mandated curriculum needs

*Expenses that have previously been part of any budget - local, departmental, state, federal or other

*Projects in need of continual funding (i.e. licensing, yearly memberships, etc.)

*Operational or safety expenditures

**The Sheboygan Public Education Foundation (SPEF) supports grant proposal projects which enhance SASD students’ overall experience inside and outside of the classroom.

**There are two separate funding applications; one for technology requests, and another for non-technology requests. Please use the appropriate application. Grant Writing TIP: Please limit your use of educational jargon and explain your need for funding as if you were speaking to the public.

**Only projects accepted by the Sheboygan Area School District/Board of Education are available to receive SPEF funding.

**Having other necessary funding sources in place will be positively viewed by our selection committee.

**Grant dollars will vary. Please prioritize project if there are several items/grade levels to it.

**Grants are approved for the individual who wrote the grant proposal and not transferable to another staff member and/or school if grant applicant changes employment location. SPEF may ask grant applicants to answer additional questions about their proposal in person.

**Applications are accepted twice per year… FALL Deadline: November 1st & SPRING Deadline: April 30th

Incomplete applications AND applications duplicated or “cut and pasted” will not be accepted.

**If funding is approved by SPEF, all purchase orders must go through the secretary from your building and be facilitated through the SASD Business Office (Ms. Sarah Pitzen – 920-459-3523).

Accepted grant applicants’ timeframe to file a Purchase Order with SASD Business Office:

*Fall Grants -- *Jan. 15 To April 1 ------- *Spring Grants -- August 15 TO Nov.1

(Any grant monies not claimed by the deadline will be rescinded.)

** ** All items (over $250.00 total) requested through this application require a written price quote. Technology requests require a price quote from the SASD Purchasing Department: Ms. Lori Gasper ( Non-technology requests require a price quote from the purchasing vendor; this does not need to come from the SASD Purchasing Department. Applications WILL NOT be accepted without a detailed price quote.

** Submit the quote with the application. SPEF funds are only for the purchase of items listed on the application. All requested items must NOT have been already ordered or already purchased.

** The cost of installation of any equipment/technology must be included in the estimated cost of equipment requested.

** Once funding is received from SPEF, you will be REQUIRED to provide documentation/acknowledgement (photos, student responses, posters, etc.) exhibiting the use of the item(s) provided. We want to see, hear, read what is being done with the item(s) purchased and how the students have been positively impacted. SPEF should be mentioned as a funding source in any press releases published regarding the project or written in school newsletters, etc.