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SPEF was proud to hold its Scholarship Night on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at the Stephanie H. Weill Center in downtown Sheboygan for all North, South, Charter, and other SPEF administered scholarship recipients. 

SPEF “THANKS” all scholarship donors for their generous scholarships.

2025 SPEF Scholarship Program will be open for graduating Seniors 2025…August 1, 2024. Never to early to start your applications, essays, etc..

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** SPEF 2025 Scholarships **


**The 2025 SPEF Scholarship Program will be open in August, 2024 when all scholarships are updated for the upcoming school year. Please wait until August, 2024 to start any SPEF scholarship applications for 2025.

 The DEADLINE for 2025 SPEF administered Scholarships will be Friday, February 21, 2025 by 4 p.m.. All SPEF applications MUST be printed out and submitted by the deadline date. There are no electronic submissions.

Find your school below. Once you enter your schools applications page there will be a list of steps to complete. Read each step carefully. Make sure to complete SPEF scholarship(s) that will fit your post-secondary education/career plans. Please make sure you read each scholarship thoroughly. There may be different information required for each specific scholarship. 

VERY IMPORTANT: 2025 Seniors applying for a SPEF Scholarship should be aware that any SPEF Scholarship Application ESSAY must be written BY THE SENIOR applying for the scholarship. SPEF Scholarship Essays found to be written by any other person or by an electronic application (i.e. AI) WILL BE ELIMINATED for scholarship consideration. All SPEF essays MUST BE ORIGINAL!

Also, DO NOT CHANGE the margins/size/font/spacing/etc. of the Essay Question(s) Page. Answer in the space provided on the page only and follow the directions!

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