Scholarship FAQ's

Here are some past years’ questions from applying seniors with SPEF’s answer.


2024 DEADLINE DATE: All completed applications must be submitted to SPEF no later than 4 P.M. on Friday, February 23, 2024.

Do I have to submit my ACT Test Score(s) along with my Official School Transcript?

Yes. All SPEF Scholarship Applications must have your ACT Test scores. If you took the test multiple times, SPEF will use the highest Composite score.

On the top of ‘some’ SPEF Essay forms they require your name and school. Does it have to be typed or handwritten?

If a SPEF Essay form has room for your name and school on it, you may type your name and school. It is not asking for a signature, just your name and school.

May I type my name on any SPEF Scholarship form that requires a ‘signature’?

If the SPEF form requires a ‘signature’ that signature should be handwritten. Do not type your name.

Do I submit the high school's essay with my SPEF scholarship packet?

No. South & North High Local Scholarship Essays are not to be submitted with the SPEF Scholarships. Only the SPEF essays that are related to each SPEF scholarship should be submitted.

Can I turn in pieces of my applications to SPEF one at a time?

 No! Seniors must read and follow directions on what needs to be turned in, when, etc.. Visit our website on the many links that should be read and watch the video on North or South Counseling Center’s Websites on how to fill out a SPEF Scholarship. Incomplete scholarships will not be accepted.

Should I staple my essay and other materials together?

No, No, No!!!! Please do not staple anything in your scholarship packet, that includes your large envelope too……No staples!

Can I delete the title, questions/wording at the top of the Essay page and/or change the font size to get more space?

No! Use the space provided only, follow all directions on page. Do not change font size or delete/change any wording.

If a SPEF scholarship asks for a letter of recommendation from a non-teacher, can it come from a school guidance counselor?

Letter should come from somebody “outside” the school setting.

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